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Heather Moreno, M.A.

Will weight loss make you happy?

It’s often believed that weight loss brings happiness and satisfaction, even protecting one from fear and loneliness. It’s the perception that once you lose weight you will feel better about yourself and so will others. You may want to be healthy but that’s generally a welcome side effect, not the key driver. Many people put forth health as the public reason for losing weight but deep down they want to look good, desirable even, to be accepted. Those feelings are normal.

But what if weight loss isn’t the answer? What if it’s part of the question? Maybe the question isn’t “how can I lose weight?” because, let’s be honest, you probably have at least 80% of the know-how. And if you need more information, infinite resources are at your disposal (including me).

The question is something deeper. (Read more…)


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